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Well, I am not fair; and therefore I pray the gods make me honest -- Audrey, As You Like It


The utter pointlessness of this website is not lost on me - since I am fairly certain that the only folks that come calling are relatives seeking the latest baby pictures. But a personal history grounded in a need to exhibit myself for approval makes this personalized domain inevitable.

I am a walking oxymoron: an introverted exhibitionist. Go figure.

I am also an endangered species - the maiden aunt. I think the last one died in the mid-sixties.

My hobbies include cross-stitch, crochet, massive quantities of TV, Bollywood films and audiobooks. Not necessarily in that order.

I recommend Carbonite.com for online computer backup - WELL worth it!

But for Mac users, CrashPlan seems to work better...

Date Last Modified: 3/17/14