The bare minimum a website should be,
because I can't be bothered to pay for SquareSpace!

I am Susan Houston, resident of Nashville, TN, and as my side hustle I provide occasional tech support to friends, family and safe referrals:

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(615) 403-4943 | susan (at)
Please text or email, unless you are over the age of 60 and find texting stressful or beyond your phone's capability... I do understand!

Honestly, I do know how to work on websites, but my old website was so outdated as to be embarrassing (seriously, go look at the Wayback Machine and you'll see what I mean!) and I'm not trying to pass myself off as some style maven by putting in the time and effort to build an attractive site on SquareSpace or similar. Also, I am cheap. So this is minimalism at it's laziest!

Also, I don't build or maintain websites anymore. That's part of my real weekday job. No, I'm the person you call in when your computer won't turn on, or you're afraid your computer has been hacked, or your internet isn't working. Perhaps you'd like to save your phone pictures to your computer. Or you need a reliable backup system set up in case your computer dies. Basic computer advice!